12/14/2022:  Important Updates



We will no longer be offering the "account active accounts for life" program to Business Partners but only Free Members.  This is effective immediately to all new and existing account.

The new policy is as follows:

  1. You must purchase 1 personal product every 3 months to consider as “actively participating”.  If after 3 months and the system does not recognize that on record, your account will be blocked. 
  2. If you did not purchase at least 2 products within 6 months, your account will be cancelled.
  3. If you want to rejoin us again, there is no grace period after cancellation.  However, if you voluntarily cancel today, you cannot join for a period of 2 years.  If you are cancelled by the company due to other issues, you can never rejoin our company in the future.

For all existing business accounts, we will you 30-days from 12/15/2022 to respond by purchasing at least 1 product on their account if you still want to stay active.  If we do not hear from you on 1/1/15/2023 before midnight PST, your account will be permanently cancelled.

It is also your responsibility to attend trainings to update yourself by asking your Sponsor, by reviewing our Comp Plan-PDF in your back office periodically as it is subject to change without notice, and the news and update tab on our website. After this time, company will no longer sent emails out.



We have Good News & Bad News:  The Good News is that we 12 products to finally begin our Pre-Lauch as planned.  Well have 13 by before Christmas!  You guys are doing great!


9/1/2022:  YAY!  Our products should be here by the end of September!  Keep studying, keep preparing for Pre-Launch in 11/1/2022.  You guys can do it!  



1/1/2022:  PRE-PRE-LAUNCH STARTS TODAY!  Beautimax is in, so we can open the door to few participants furing this special period of time.



NOTE:  Please see COMP PLAN-PDF in your back office for complete details.