Frequently Asked Questions




  1. Is there any monthly or annual fees?  NO
  2. Is ther a Monthly Fee:  YES = Busienss Partners if want commissions paid and be eligible for ulimited 60% OFF for the following month, OPTIONAL = Free Members, if want commissions paid and be eligible for unlimited 60% OFF for the following month plus buy 1, get 1 at equal to or less price for FREE.
  3. Does all Distributors have the same 30-day cycles?  only 7-days when they first join for the Enrollment Package.  Otherwise, for purchases = follow our Return Policy below. 
  4. When can we withdrawal from the eWallet?  As long as you funds, you can withdrawal at anytime.  Please allow 5-days processing.
  5. Is Autoships required?  Not require at anytime for Free Members, but only required for the month that a Business Agent, Advisors or Coach wants commissions paid.  Then, they must purchase 1 product purchases at thePartner price before commissions can be transferred from the pWallet to the eWallet.  Since we do not mandate autoship, if you forget to purchase the1 product, your commissions will be whiped out before the 1st of the month.  We do not track commissions unless it`s due to system error.
  6. Is there any FREE shipping?  NO because our prices are already very low and depending on where you live, your shipping will vary.
  7. How are taxes being calculated?  Based on your zip code.
  8. Is there any money back guaranteed?  No, because our prices are EXTREMELY low already, but yes if yo upurchase at the Business Partner Pricing purchases.  You have only 7-days from the date you sign up.  If you should change your mind, please notify by email to  That way, there`s proof and wait time for your products to get here from the date you notify us.   Once we receive your products, it will take us 7-days to process the refund and 14-days before you receive a check in the mail.  Note there will be a 10% restocking fee minus any shipping cost we`ve paid, and once you make a purchased, commissions are dispersed to our Business Coaches in real time, so it cannot be retracted.  Plus, make sure the product is still in a resellable condition.  We advise you to please think carefully before you sign up.
  9. Can you explain about the Member/Customer points?  As a Free member, you can refer other free members and Business Partners and earn one-time fast start bonus or monthly residuals as Loyalty Points to purchase future products.  1 Point = $1.  There`s no limit to the # of points you can earn. 
  10. I do not have a Business Coach, what do I do?  You can search for one through our website by scrolling down on the front page towards the middle section where it says “Reach A Professional Business Coach In Your Area?”
  11. Many companies says their business opportunity is the best in the industry, so how do I know that yours is actually the one?  Companies and people can say anything.  Who wants to bash their own company they are representing?  That is why we our Business Coaches to follow the same SYSTEM. We know your pain and struggles and that is why we are very transparent with our Compensation Plan and business model.  We have trained our Business Coaches teach based on how our system works and not based on they wanted you to hear and will be patient to answer any questions you may have.  We have created a detail company Presentation in our Website and have many motivational videos for you to review.  If the company or our Business Partners are not able to open your eyes and make you see so that you can feel confident in your investiment and business vendure or that you are just not quite ready to change your life, you do not have to participate with us yet.  We assure you will never take a leap of faith.  And even if you were mislead by someone who did not know what they are doing, we have structured a HARD-TO-FAIL SYSTEM as long as you are able to answer YES to the 3 simple questions below: 
    •  a) Will you be able to refer 2-3 Business Partners who can duplicate these same 3 STEPS?  
    •  b) Will you be able to sign and maintain 3-FREE Member accounts?
    •  c) When your pWallet earns commissions, will you be able to purchase 1 product towards the end of the month before commissions can be paid?




  1. How come we don’t have many types of skincare options for consumers to choose from like other companies?  We only create what you need, not what you want.  Too many products will mean the more money you will waste. 
  2. Why are your products not natural or organic? It`s a long story, but to make it short, ours are not entirely one or the other but mixture that`s good for all skin types.  FDA does not regulate these marketing terms.  Our products already contain mostly extracts, berries and oils with few chemicals that are not harsh or bad for your body and skin health.  Keep in mind that`s just because it`s natural or organic does not mean that it`s safer or that it will give better results.  What really matter is the FULL INGREDIENT LIST that you should learn the basic from us so that you can do your deligience in whatever you buy.  We believe using both natural and alternative laboratory scientific ingredients will yield a better results that you demand.  So, if you are age 35+ or  have hyperpigmentation issues, you stick with our Illuminating Skincare Set.  If you are younger than 35, have fine lines/wrinkles and don`t have hyperpigmentation problems, stick with our Frever Young set. Your skin will be pamper and drenched in Peptides and antioxidants. If you want the benefits of both (anti-aging & hyperpigmentation), use the Peptide Serum during the day and Illuminating serum during the night.  Very simple routine.
  3. Why should you buy from us?  You no longer have to purchase expensive or cheap products filled with a bunch of chemicals or tons of berries and extracts, but not the results you are looking for.  We’ve done our best to eliminate the thousands of harmful ingredients out there, making sure your skin and health receives only the very best.  Only we have the best Compensation Plan in the industry guaranteed that works along side these amazing products!  Therefore, you get the best of both worlds even if you remain as a Member to change yourself or become a Business Coach for a complete self-reform and obtain wealth beyond your dreams.  No one offers what we offer in terms of Compensation Plan and awesome products for your health and safety concerns.  We can sit and prove it to you all day long, but the choice of destiny is yours to make.
  4. Heevli is a US company but why our products overseas?  Even if we create our products in the USA, most ingredients are still resources overseas and manufactures here will not be able to meet our specificatons and requests for the incredible products we have created for you.  Therefore, to get the high quality MAIN ingredients to meet your demand with a safer solutions, better technologies, and keeping prices affordable for all our members, we decided to cut the middleman.  The rest is company trade secrets. Once you know the truth, it doesn’t really matter where the products are made but more of WHY it was made.  If it`s a good and caring company, the truth should show in the products, the FULL ingredient lists and the whole entire company structure.  Please go read about our CEO found in our website.
  5. Do I have to use all the skincare products to get the results we need? No, but it is highly recommeded.  We advise to always include the CLEASER, SERUM, MOISTURIZER and SPF as the main ones day and night.  The reast are optional and extra boost for faster results.  (However, results may vary depending on each individual`s body. Please note it takes generally around 30 days for dead skin to be renew and up to 90 days for collagen to be replenish.)
  6. What is the process of return?  You can us by call 916-882-5305 or an email to with your name, username, order # and the reason.  Once we receive your products, and confirm it`s still in a resellable condition, it will take us 7-days to process the refund and 14-days before a check in the mailed to you.
  7. GUARANTEE POLICY:  on each product purchased for the very first time making sure it works out for you, you’ll still be eligible for the 60% OFF but will lose the buy 1, get 1 at equal to or less price for FREE.  There is no more guarantee for the same product again in the future. This is to prevent fraudulent activities and abuse. 

  8. RETURN POLICY:  please notify us within the 1st - 30th day from the date of delivery. Once we receive the return, we will process it within 7 days.  Qualified refund balance(s) will be minus from any commissions paid to our Business Patners and the Trial Fee per product.  By selecting this option during checkout, you agreed that you have read and understood these terms and condtions. Please allow 7-14 days to process and a check will be mailed out to you.  If you choose the Buy 1, get 1 at equal to or lesser price for Free, all sales are FINAL.

    PER PRODUCT THAT LAST 30+ DAYS:  If used within first 15 days = $11.99 but if after 15 -30 days = 50% refund.  BEAUTIMAX COLLAGEN: 10 sachets per box:  If used 1-5 sachets = $15.99 and if used 6-10 sachets = 50% refund

  9. Do you have insurance for products?  Yes we do.  If we brand our products only or believe that our products may have a high chance of causing you problems and harm, we would have not purchase $1,000,000 insurance Policy for your peace of mind.