Frequently Asked Questions




  1. Is there any monthly or annual fees?  NO
  2. Do we have to pay autoship every month?  NO, if you are a Consultant, your total commissions earned has to be $200 or more for the current month than you purcahse one product. Otherwise, only purchase when you need it.
  3. Is there any FREE shipping?  NO because our prices are already very low and depending on where you live, your shipping will vary.
  4. How are taxes being calculated?  Based on where you live.
  5. Is there any money back guaranteed?  YES, as a Consultant, you have only 7-days from the date you sign up.  If you should change your mind, please notify us by calling 916-803-5305 or send an email to  Once we receive your products, it will take us 7-days to process the refund and 14-days before you receive a check in the mail.  Note there will be a 10% restocking fee minus any shipping cost we`ve paid, and once you make a purchased, commissions are dispersed to our Consultants in real time, so it cannot be retracted.  Plus, make sure the product is still in a resellable condition.  We advise you to please think carefully before you sign up.
  6. Can you explain about the Member/Customer points?  Once you sign up, you must sign up 3-FREE Member Accounts to lock up all 10-Level pay of the Residual Complan.  They do not have to make any purchases.  However, you must make sure that you can maintain at least 3 product purchases on your Level 1.  It doesn`t matter if the purchases are done by those 3 Free accounts or new Member and customer purchase.  It can come from anyone accounts as long as it shows a total of 2 or 3 from your direct sponsor accounts.
  7. I do not have a Consultant, what do I do?  You can search for one through our website by scrolling down on the front page towards the middle section where it says “Reach A Professional Advisor In Your Area?”
  8. Many companies says their business opportunity is the best in the industry, so how do I know that yours is actually the one?  Companies and people can say anything.  Who wants to bash their own company they are representing?  That is why we our Consultants to follow the same SYSTEM. We know your pain and struggles and that is why we are very transparent with our Compensation Plan and business model.  We have trained our Consultants teach based on how our system works and not based on they wanted you to hear and will be patient to answer any questions you may have.  We have created a detail company Presentation in our Website and have many motivational videos for you to review.  If the company or our Consultans are not able to open your eyes and make you see so that you can feel confident in your investiment and business vendure or that you are just not quite ready to change your life, you do not have to participate with us yet.  We assure you will never take a leap of faith.  And even if you were mislead by someone who did not know what they are doing, we have structured the system to not fail you as long as you are able to answer and follow the 3 simple questions below: 
    1.  Will you be able to refer 2-3 Consultants who will duplicate what you do? 
    2.  Will you be able to sign and maintain 3-FREE Member accounts with a monthly direct member/customer purchases of at 50 CVP points (average about 1-2 products)?
    3.  After your second month on, if your total commission is higher than $200, you can purchase 1 product.  Otherwise, you never have to worry.  If you can do your part and your team does same, you should be successful





  1. How come we don’t have many types of skincare options for consumers to choose from like other companies?  We only create what you need, not what you want.  Too many products will mean you will have to buy many to achieve one goal, which waste more money for you.
  2. Will we ever make natural or organic products?  Not entirely one or the other but mixture.  However, our products already contain mostly extracts, berries and oils with few chemicals that are not harsh or bad for your body and skin health.  If you would like to stay as natural as possible, our Frever Young Set is perfect for your need, coming in April of 2022.  If you are looking for an Anti-Aging and Dark Spot Corrector Set, wait for our Anuface Skincare Set towards summer of 2022.  Keep in mind that`s just because it`s natural or organic does not mean that it`s safer or that it will give better results.  What really matter is the INGREDIENT LIST that you should learn the basic from us so that you can do your deligience in whatever you buy.  We believe using both natural and alternative scientific ingredients is the only way to yield the swift results you demand.
  3. Why should you buy from us?  You no longer have to purchase expensive products and may only receive a bunch of chemicals or a cheap product but all you get berries and extracts, not the results you are looking for.  We’ve done our best to avoid the 82,000+ ingredients to avoid, making sure your skin and health receives only the very best.  Only we have the best Compensation Plan in the industry guaranteed that works along side these amazing products!  Therefore, you get the best of both worlds even if you remain as a Member to change yourself or become a Consultant for a complete self-reform and obtain wealth beyond your dreams.  No one offers what we offer in terms of Compensation Plan and awesome products for your health and safety concerns.  We can sit and prove it to you all day long, but the choice of destiny is yours to make.
  4. We are a US company but why our products overseas?  Even if we create our products in the USA, most ingredients are still resources overseas and manufactures here will not be able to meet our specificatons and requests.  Therefore, to get the high quality MAIN ingredients to meet your demand with a safer solutions, better technologies, and keeping prices affordable for all our members, we decided to cut the middleman.  The rest is company trade secrets. Once you know the truth, it doesn’t really matter where the products are made but more of WHY it was made.  If it`s a good and caring company, the truth should show in the products, the FULL ingredient lists and the whole entire company structure.  Please watch our vide: Heevli - My Battles To Prevent Yours by CEO
  5. Do I have to use all 5-Pieces of skincare to get the results? No, but it is highly recommeded, but we advise to always include the CLEASER, SERUM & MOISTURIZER as the main ones day and night.  The reast are optional and extra boost for faster results.  (However, results may vary depending on each individual`s body. Please note it takes generally around 30 days for dead skin to be renew and up to 90 days for collagen to be replenish.)
  6. Why don’t we have any SPF in our moisturizers and serums?  SPF ingredients put a layer on your skin so that most things do not get absorbed into your skin.  We want creams and serums to be absorbed deeply into our skin in order for it to be more effective.  Based our opinion and research, by mixing them together contradicts each other, so you get less from each product.  For this reason, we have created an awesome waterproof SPF50 with natural sunscreen protections that can be worn with or without makeup and help protect your skin for up to 8 hours.  It does not leave a white residue with an aroma mystic scent that is great for both men and women. 
  7. What is the process of return?  You can us by call 916-882-5305 or an email to with your name, username, order # and the reason.  Once we receive your products, and confirm it`s still in a resellable condition, it will take us 7-days to process the refund and 14-days before a check in the mailed to you.
  8. I don’t understand how the Vendor Pricing of 30% discount works.  Any time you purchase a total of 5 products, the system will automatically take 30% off the Member Price, which will show in your cart or check out.  However, the PV for each product will also be decreased by 30% too.  It`s a great savings that`s only found with our company.
  9. What is the return policy?  You have 30-days from day of delivery as long as product has not been used, and it is still in a resellable condition but you will be responsible for your own shipping cost to send the products back.  Note there will be a 10% restocking fee minus any shipping cost we`ve paid, and once you make a purchased, commissions are dispersed to our Consultants in real time, so it cannot be retracted.  Therefore, please review each product carefully before you buy.  Also note that if you purchase 5 products and got a 30% off member price we had mentioned above, there is no refund on this special deal at any time.