My passion was to become one of the greatest Attorney or become a Nurse Practitioner.  With 3 young children, I have decided to take the Health Industry path.  After 5 full-time years in school, there was no childcare during clinical training. Therefore, I have taken a different direction in my career path as a stay home mom and have been an involved as a prominent entrepreneur leader in the Real Estate, Mortgage, Tax and Life Insurance Industries.  I have also been actively involved with various MLM industries as an Independent Representative. Through trials and errors, failure, and success for decades, I am very familiar with the Direct Selling Industry and its compensation plans.

From 2014 – mid 2020, I was introduced to the JOB industry and tried working full-time as a CSR, Claims Adjuster and Appeal Specialist for the Health and Dental Industry. With my knowledge and experience of both worlds, accompanied by an amazing skincare/health journey, I proudly introduced a new product line with the highest quality ingredients and a safer solution follow by an express route for those who are looking to obtain a new image and financial freedom. Our new revolutionary system is unmatched in the DSA Industry. If you are one of those that had enough trials and errors and seeking for an opportunity that works, look no further.  Unlike most, I was born with very sensitive skin and had developed many health conditions that blocked me from facing the world. Therefore, have learned through experience and gained personal knowledge to combat many problems in my life so that you can prevent yours.

While trying tons of skincare, health and nutrition and cosmetics for decades without satisfying results, I’ve started researching seriously into the industries and finally figured it out. My goal is now to help others obtain their new image with optimal health and take the open-minded to experience a financial path that they can only dream of.  My mission is to provide some of the most cutting-edge products on the market to share it with our new family households, with the option of making and saving money conformably from the comfort of their own home.  Currently at age 50, I can confidently say that it’s never too late to start staying healthy and looking your best by giving it your best shot at life!  You can expect to experience nothing but positive results in every direction you take because every decision you make with us, will be your deal.

Everyone has a signature story, a turning point and a good or bad ending of their lifetime.  Let`s make 2022 be the turning point of obtaining a good life, and don`t let the devil in you stop your dreams from coming true!  

Good-Luck to your success.  


Disclaimer: I am not a Dermatologist, Doctor, Dietitian, or Esthetician, but simply a person just like you who has been there and done that and is sharing my personal knowledge and experiences to help improve your skin and health so that you can look and feel your best. Please do not construe anything in this website, any of my vidoes or training materials or posts, as medical advice.