My passion has always been to help people and had dreamed of becoming one of the greatest Attorney in my community. However, I had started a precious family early so had a change of career into becoming a CPA but in the process, I have realized that I didn’t want to stay behind a desk all day because I love face to face interactions.  Therefore, had changed becoming a Nurse Practitioner but once I got into clinical trainings, the hours are early and I had no childcare for my 3 little boys (ages 1-3 years).  Regardless of what path I wanted to take, life seems to steer me away from the JOB side.  This is where I was introduced into Real Estate, Loan Agents, Life Agent and a Tax Preparer working from home and being my own boss.


Fortunately, I was further introduced by a few friends and got involved into the many types of Network Marketing opportunities and had been actively involved in and out for the last 20 years.  From 2014 – mid 2020, my goal was to join the crowd and gain some hands on experience at the lower-end side of holding a regular 8-5 J.O.B before traveling on my mission to begin this personal business venture for everyone to participate.  For 5 miserable years, I have an incredibly hurtful and tear-jerking JOB experiences that many should never have to experience.  Through trials and errors and successes and failures, I have been very familiar with the Direct Selling Industry and had spent the last 10 years researching into the Health/Nutrition and skincare industry and its products.  I now have found a path to beat my battles so that you can prevent yours.  I had also came to realized that people of titles or ranks can tell a great story to sell their dreams, but the ingredients in their bottles or their system does not match what they say.  Therefore, I had weaved out all the big thorns and obstacles that had kept from making our dreams come true.  It is these knowledge and experience, accompanied by my very own life journey that had shaped me for who I am today. The goal is to become that one CEO who has been there and done that so can inspire people from all walks of life to discover the "New You“ at a faster pace.


If you are one of those that had done your shares and is ready to find yourself and take on a new path, pack your stuff and come conquer it!  I can confidently say that it’s never too late to find yourself and start staying healthy and looking your best while passing this same lifestyle to your family for generations to come.  Nothing is perfect, but you can expect to experience positive results in every direction you take with us.

Good-Luck to your success.  


Disclaimer: I am not a Dermatologist, Doctor, Dietitian, or Esthetician, but simply a person just like you who has been there and done that and is sharing my personal knowledge and experiences to help improve your skin and health so that you can look and feel your best. Please do not construe anything in this website, any of my vidoes or training materials or posts, as medical advice.