We already know that there are many business opportunities, from past to present, but everyone seems to be doing the same thing once you are on the inside. Well, we are ready to knock your socks off and show you everything outside before you step inside because once you know what we do, all your dreams will be clear, and you will not be able to sleep but pack your stuff and ready to join our crusade. 


At Heevli, we have created an incredible system that`s unmatched in the industry to tackle your concerns for a complete self-reform, making sure that what you will be creating with us can remain yours and be transferrable for generations to come with no competitions on the market.  We are offering 8 INCREDIBLE WAYS TO PAY but can be summarized into just 3 simple questionaires below! Only in our business that this can be done.  That is why we can GUARANTEED that we have the best COMPENSATION PLAN in the industry.  However, we don’t you to believe in what we have to say and just see if you can answer YES to these 3 simple questions below.  If you can, your life can change forever.  



1)  Are you able to refer 2 - 3 business partners who you know for sure they can follow these 3 steps and duplicate it?  


2) Can you sign up 2-3 FREE Member accounts?  They do not have to make any purchases yet, and can purchase on a need to basis.  Never any fees monthly/annually.  Account is open for life.


3) Then, starting your second month on, can you remember to always maintain a total of 50 CVP purchases monthly that`s made by any members or retail customers on your LEVEL 1?  


Once your total commissions earned is $200 ore more for any month, you can purchase 1 product before your commissions can be paid out to you.  If each Consultant can follow these 3 simplple step, it can open LEVELS 1-10 of the Bank Bonuses and Levels 1-10 of the Monthly Residual Income.  Where else can you find that this has been done before in industry?  This is why we are confident that all Consulants who particiaptes with us will yield a high success rate.  

We have 8 lucrative ways to pay but get paid, leaving the PACE and STARTING POINT up to you to decide.  Regardless of which path you take, you won`t walking away with nothing unless you did absolutely nothing.

WARNING!  Do not try to apply this strategies to other companies or you can fail.  We can are able to do this because we are a transparent company who has:
NO title & rank requirements!
NO leg balancing!
NO ridiculous stairs to climb (only 3)!
NO monthly/annually fees ever!
NO blockers/stoppers on downline Superstars!
NO secrets or tricks!
NO monthly auto ships unless you make $200 or more and want commissions paid for that month!

NOTE:  We have our members/Consultants enter our company at the Retail Price for their very first time because once they join us, they are active for life!


This is really it!  If you believe it or have the funds, join us as a direct Platinum for maximum income potential (see chart below) for maximum benefits.  If you are skeptical or lack funds, start at the BASIC status by purchasing 1 product at any price or at the BRONZE Status at $200 total product purchasing of your choice.  Then, upgrade once your income increase near the upper level`s threshold.  


BELOW IS THE REQUIRED CUMMULATIVE PURCHASE TOTALS, ITS STATUS NAMES & MAXIMUM MONTHLY INCOME CAPS:   Please review carefully with a Sponsor or by watching our Company Presentation and decide which path to take.  Note that once you upgrade to a Consutant status, your very first purchase will always be based on Retail or the NON-MEMBER price.  The purpose of this beautiful plan is to keep active for LIFE without paying another monthly/annual free or monthly autoships.  Please take a look at the chart below.  You can make your first total purchase to equal the amount shown in (GOLD) or you can slowly purchase and let the computer tract your cummulative purchases until you reach that level.  It`s totally up to you and how fast you want to move. 


FOR EXAMPLE:  if start out as  Bronze status and only purchased $200 worth of retail products, then when you want to jump to a Silver, you will need to puchase the difference of $300 cummulative, which after your first purchase, everything will be based on the Member Price.


Any 1 Product = Basic Package with no monthly income CAP, but once reach Platinum status, most monthly can earn will cap at $20,000 only (can build wide teams, but not deep).

$200 = Bronze Package with $1,000 monthly income cap, but once reach Platinum status, most monthly can earn will cap at $30,000

$500 = Silver Package with $2,000 monthly income cap, but once reach Platinum status, most monthly can earn will cap at $40,000

$1,000 = Gold Package with $3,000 monthly income cap, but once reach Platinum status, most monthly can earn will cap at $50,000

$1,350 = safe by joining as Direct Platinum with $100,000 monthly income cap (special for Pre-Launch direct Platinum only = $200,000)


IMPORTANT:  All upgrades to a Platinum status will be around a total cummulateive purchase total of atleast $1,500.  You may feel it`s higher, but you`ll be purchasing a the Member-Price or lower so you`ll actually paying alot less than a Direction Platnum.  Please note that for your very first purchase as a Consultant, the system will calculate based on the NON-MEMBER price.  After that, all future purchases are at the member price with the option to get another additional 30% of the member-price if any 5 products are purchased at one time.  Once you join HEEVLI, your account is active for LIFE unless you write us to cancel it.


Once you have made a choice, you cannot undo so please choose wisely. If you are a direct Platinum and want to move fast, work quickly and obtain our Quick Start Bonus within your first 30-days.  If want to take your time and go slow, then you just avoid the Quick Start Bonus.  The pace is yours.  Please review our Full Presentation in Youtube or see our COMPENSATION Plan PDF located in your backoffice.